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How does the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
(PPACA or better known as Obamacare)
affect me and my family?

There are many questions that people have regarding "Obamacare" and its impact on America.  The most common questions are related to the Individual Mandate (the requirement that everyone obtain Health Coverage).  Here are some of the main points about Obamacare that should help answer some of your questions.  There are also some helpful links below to give you a chance to see some of the plans and pricing that are available for Health Insurance.  If you have any additional questions or if you need any help with deciding/applying on plans that are available, PLEASE CALL and we will help get your questions answered.  

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1. The PPACA is a law that was passed in Congress under the Obama Administration that has many requirements for individuals, businesses, and Health Insurance companies.  The requirement for individuals is that you obtain Health Coverage either through your employer, a government program, or a Health Insurance Policy.
If you do not obtain qualified coverage, you will be penalized (click here to see how the penalty is calculated).

It is very important to understand that the PPACA limits WHEN you can apply for and purchase qualified Health Insurance.  The current Open-Enrollment period is between Nov. 15, 2015 and Jan. 15, 2016.  If you do not purchase health insurance within the Open-Enrollment period, then you CANNOT buy qualified coverage until the next Open-Enrollment Period the following year.  
There are a few exceptions to this rule called Qualifying Life Events QLEs.
 Click here to see if you have a QLE.

2. The PPACA is a law that requires you obtain coverage - IT IS NOT HEALTH INSURANCE.  We have heard some people say that they don't want the 'Obamacare Insurance.'  It is a misconception that the PPACA is a provider of coverage.  What the PPACA does is require that states set up an "Exchange" or "Marketplace" as an option for people to shop for their qualified health coverage.  The terms Exchange and Marketplace mean the exact same thing.  It is a website that you can visit that will help you compare plans from multiple insurance companies side by side.  Again, the plans on the Exchanges ARE NOT policies provided by Obamacare.  They are policies provided by insurance companies (For Example: Blue Cross & Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, etc).  These insurance companies have simply agreed to make those plans available through the Exchange.

3.  The PPACA requires that you obtain Health Coverage.  It DOES NOT require you obtain that coverage through the Exchange that we just described.  Many people think that you can only purchase qualified health coverage through the Exchange - THIS IS WRONG.  You can purchase a policy through the exchange but you can also purchase policies outside of the exchange through insurance agents or from the health insurance companies directly.  What the Exchange can do, that the other avenues cannot, is POSSIBLY provide a federal subsidy or cost-sharing assistance.
 If you don't go through the Exchange, you cannot get the subsidy or assistance!!

 So the question is...Do you qualify for a subsidy or cost-sharing assistance?
Click here for an ESTIMATOR that will give you an idea of the POSSIBLE subsidy or cost-sharing option available to you.

4. One of the requirements of the PPACA is that all children be provided Dental Insurance as a part of their Health Coverage.  Most plans will include this coverage automatically, however, most plans DO NOT automatically include dental coverage for adults.  If you need dental coverage or have questions regarding dental insurance, please feel free to ask when you call.

Choose one of the following to see what plans are available and their estimated cost to you...

(showing possible subsidy or cost-sharing)

(for those who are not eligible for subsidy or cost-sharing)

(options for families who only need coverage for a dependent under age 18)

(for adults who need dental coverage only)

Here are some links that may help with any additional questions you may have...